So who am I? I am Sara Violet, author of erotic fiction, something of an image artist, a lesbian who is in love with my goddesses (female celebrities), and the beautiful asses of those goddesses are my favorite things in the whole wide universe.

You can contact me privately via the “Write Me” form. Alternatively, most individual topics on the website can be commented on and you should feel free to when desired, even if the topic is old. Please be polite when you do.

Saraviolet.com updates Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and not by itself, so if I miss a day please check back soon.

These are the categories where you will find the following:

Commissioned Art: Artwork that I’ve commissioned from professional artists around the world.
My Fiction: Original fictional sex stories created by me. Also other sex stories I write that are purely fan fiction and unofficially based on TV or movie series.
My Images: Collages and caps I’ve made of female celebrities from movies or TV.
My Videos: Clips and GIFs I’ve made of female celebrities from movies or TV.
The Goddesses: A detailed list of my favorite goddesses (female celebrities).


In My Images you will notice both JPG and PNG collages. JPG collages have a much smaller filesize but have a reduction in quality almost invisible to the human eye. PNG collages have a much larger filesize but are completely lossless in quality, so they are the ultimate version for serious collectors.

Update Schedule

Monday Sucks: Monday when I post about women performing blowjobs. Usually webfound gifs.
Wednesday Rapture: Wednesday when I post something related to my godesses. Usually webfound images or video.
Friday Madness: Friday when I post whatever I want.

Anything I create myself, such as stories, collages and clips, as well as artwork that I commission from professional artists, may be posted any day instead of the regular scheduled content. I usually save this type of content to post on Fridays.

My Awards

Television Sex Story Archives 2005 Awards
∙ Best Supernatural Story/Series – Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Slayers in Cleveland